Today, I woke up at 1pm and then all I did for the rest of the day was eat and play games. Anyways, it’s really hard writing these daily lol.

I wanted to get the new 5900x to put into the pc I’m building and I got one that’s supposed to come in Dec 21st but I also snagged a 5800x today and I have no idea what to do with it. Maybe I’ll try to sell online or return it. Also I finally bought a CPU cooler just to get it over with so currently, I still need a GPU, a CPU, and RAM sticks.

While we’re still on the topic of shopping spree, I also got myself a cheap silent keyboard so mom doesn’t yell at me when I’m trying to play games at night cuz it’s too loud or something. Amazon is pretty nice when it comes to something you need pretty quick cuz they have that 2 day prime shipping.

Curfew starting soon here in California but I heard it’s only from 10pm to 5am so I don’t think it’s gonna affect me that much so that’s pretty nice. Anyways, that’s all I have for today.

Tip: Similar tip to the email hack from the previous day, you can add a “+” sign to the email and everything after is disregarded. For example “” will be the same as “”, which would allow you to create multiple accounts on different platforms while receiving all the emails to the same inbox.